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      Firstly I want to thank Adobe for providing the FIAW tutorials as a free resource, it is proving invaluable for getting to grips with this software. The accompanying exercise pages though do contain some very bad typos which results in learners spending a huge amount of time trying to track down the errors and correcting them. I am all for encouraging individuals to delve deeper so as to increase their knowledge but correcting mistakes can be frustrating and time consuming, it also gives an impression of a degree of sloppiness on behalf of the presenters.

      The videos are fine and very instructive, so I tend to work from them. Sorry if it sounds like a moan because overall I'm really impressed at the way Adobe provides so much tutorial back-up for their products.



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          Hi Ian - do you have a list of what's wrong in the exercises? All exercise feedback is monitored, responded to and corrected, so any detailed corrections you would suggest is welcome. Thanks for the feedback and helping to make the experience better for others!

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            If it helps I can provide a list - as a lecturer in subjects related to

            multi-media and communication I do get a bit "picky" when it comes to such


            Your response serves to impress me more regarding Adobe and the support it







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              Thank you for the kind words, Ian. We do our best   You can post all your comments here or you can post them at the end of each exercise page so that others can see your concerns in context of the exercises. Either way, we will follow up with appropriate corrections and/or clarifications.