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    Building a PC with a budget of $500

    Hira Meijin

      I've spent a long time looking at different PC builds the past 2-3 weeks, and still have not made a decision on what PC build to purchase - so I come here: hoping that some one will be able to enlighten me and set me on a good track. I'm looking to get a decent build for a PC I plan on using for After Effects staying within the $500 range - 550 being my highest. I have the GPU set, since I can just throw my current video card into my new PC. I plan on upgrading to Windows 7, but may or may not be able to bypass purchasing it, so perhaps take into account the possibiltiy of me having to purchase 64 bit Win 7. I'm just looking for the best and most cost effective way to spend money on a PC that will get the job done for the present, and be able to upgrade to fit my needs in the future - if that makes sense.


      As always, thanks a lot.