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    How to Host completed Captivate Content


      I thought completed Captivate 5 Content could be hosted on Acrobat.com.  I see how to upload and share content for reviews.  I have attempted to upload a project and all that I see will upload is a zip and pdf file but not cptx.  I thought the option would exist to upload a compteted project for a learning and that Acrobat.com would offer a link that would launch the project.


      I would prefer to share the swf content and not a pdf as not all of our users have Acrobat Reader 9.


      Is it possible to host a captivate project in Acrobat.com so I can have learners use the content?  If so how?


      Do I need a Connect Pro account?  If so will I need a Meeting Account such as the one for $55/month that is available for a single host.  I worked with one of the large teleconferance providers and they seemed to think I needed a Connect Pro Account with Presentation enabled and Author with no Meeting.  Look like this would upload content only.


      Or is Screencast.com an option?


      My intent is create short 5 to 10 minute demonstrations of software for training and to also develop more comprehensive Lessons.  The Acrobat.com LMS will work for my needs.

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          macrofireball Level 3

          Hello there,


          You can share SWFs from Adobe Captivate 5 posted to Acrobat.com but you cannot host your courses. Once you share or upload a SWF to Acrobat.com, you learners would then need to download the SWF files to their local computers and view the eLearning locally.


          If you want to go down the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro route then you could publish your course directly to your Connect Pro server (File > Publish > Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro). Adobe Captivate offers great integration with Acrobat Connect Pro. If you were to invest in the Training module you could then track your learners as well.


          You can learn more about Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro for eLearning from this web address.




          However, you could just publish your files (HTML and SWF) to a web server and provide your learners access to them that way. As you have already mentioned Acrobat.com and the Adobe Quiz Results Analyzer - AIR application offer a great alternative to having to invest in an LMS.


          Best regards,


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            kswanzy Level 1

            Thank you Mark,


            I do like the way Connect Pro allows the training to start without a download.  Will the Meeting and Presenter component that can be purchased for $55 per month work?  The limit of 100 is not a problem for us.  To me this is a better option than screencast.com and at this time, we do now want to set up an ftp server.





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              jamesnotjim Level 2

              You can publish Captivate content to any web server. The finished product is just HTML, JavaScript, and Flash. If you need user accounts and tracking, you'll either need an LMS (e.g. Moodle) or some other solution. Captivate 5 can leverage Acrobat.com for posting and aggregating quiz results. I believe your end-users would need Acrobat.com accounts (free) to use this feature, though.

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                rtc2010 Level 1

                kswanzy --


                All of the responses are accurate, though I feel that Captivate's new " Internal Server " tracking option hasn't been addressed fully.


                Using an existing web server (if your company has one) or purchasing a domain name and hosting service needn't be an expensive or daunting proposition. Here's the basic scoop:


                1. Purchase a domain name for less than $12 (one year, one-time charge).
                2. Sign up for hosting for as little as $8.95/month.
                3. Before publishing your project, you'll select "Internal Server" from Captivate 5's Quiz Preferences panel and enter a URL where the quiz results should be written.
                4. Publish and upload your Captivate files to your new server, making sure to include two PHP files Adobe provided with Captivate. You will simply send learners to that server URL to view your course, and their quiz results will be written to a folder on that server. Everything's in one place!
                5. You can still use Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer to generate reports -- just like you would when using Acrobat.com. You just need to open the Preferences panel and insert a URL that points to the results on your server.


                Rather than wait for others to say so, I'll admit to leaving out a few details for the sake of clarity -- but they're MINOR details. Nonetheless, the benefit of going this route is that it can be less expensive than subscribing to Acrobat.com.


                I'm a subscriber to Acrobat.com and will continue to use it for meetings and document sharing -- it's a great resource, and our clients love it. However, if you don't have a need for those additional capabilities, take a moment to explore this alternative. The skills required are pretty minimal, and even if there's a small learning curve for you, I think you'll be glad you took the challenge!


                Randall Bean

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                  jamesnotjim Level 2

                  I did my first test of this today and really liked it. It's a simple solution and, with a little tinkering, it could be repurposed in a lot of ways (to write to a server-side database, for example), and could be re-implemented for other platforms. Nice.

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                    What two php files are you talking about?  I have loaded the InternalServerReporting.php. (unedited version) to my server.  When I try to access this file in a web browser I do not get and error (so should be good).  When I post results it says it is successful, but I do not see any new files in CaptivateResults folder (which I also created).  Do I need to load the other php file you are talking about?




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                      I have not tried to use the internal server yet because ultimately I would just like to publish to a server side database. Has anyone tried this yet? Is there any special instructions I should know of?

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                        rtc2010 Level 1

                        The data Captivate sends when using the internal server method is in XML

                        format. The standard PHP script Adobe provided simply writes that XML data

                        as a record in a specific folder. However, you could write your own server

                        side script to parse the XML data and write it to a database. I haven't done

                        that yet, but it's clearly possible. I'm thrilled that Adobe has finally

                        opened up the tracking data, and look forward to tackling that in coming


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                          MSC81501 Level 1

                          In rfc2010 July 8th post:

                          " Publish and upload your Captivate files to your new server, making sure to include two PHP files Adobe provided with Captivate"


                          What are the two PHP files?



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                            rtc2010 Level 1

                            The two PHP files (included with Captivate) are:

                            • internalserverread.php
                            • internalServerReporting.php


                            You have to dig around just a bit to find them. On the Windows 7 (64-bit) machine, you'll find them here:


                            C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 5\Templates\Publish


                            If you're running XP or the 32-bit version of Vista or Windows 7, the path is probably quite similar. It will probably be C:\Program Files instead of C:\Program Files (x86).



                            I initially had some trouble getting the results to populate in the Quiz Results Analyzer once I published the content up to my LINUX-based server. I contacted Adobe for help and though they didn't say precisely what the problem was, I think the scripts that shipped with Captivate 5 (in July) had been tested only on a Windows-based server. After a little troubleshooting, they got it to work on my LINUX server.


                            The point is, if your web host is running a Windows-based server, it should work right out of the box. If it's a LINUX or UNIX server, you might need a little help.

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                              jamesnotjim Level 2

                              I'm with you. I did some more work with the Internal Server reporting option yesterday. And it's really quite good. There's even a decent tutorial of how to use it included with Captivate 5. You can access it by clicking the Tutorials link on the welcome screen and then choosing Alternate Reporting. Or you can launch it directly off your drive (in Windows XP) from this path:


                              C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 5\cp_tutorials\index.html


                              It even walks you through installing WampServer, for people who don't have a web host, for testing it out.

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                                MSC81501 Level 1

                                Thanks - I'll give it a try.


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                                  simonmcm Level 1



                                  Has anyone been able to store the result's in a database yet, rather than stroing it as a file on the server??

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                                    Greek2U Level 1

                                    rtc2010, can you provide some insight into how Adobe was able to get your PHP scripts to work on the Linux server? Would you be willing to share the modified PHP scipts they provided you?

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                                      Matt_@_CPS Level 1

                                      I'm having an issue trying to publish a Captivate Video Demo directly to Adobe Connect. I'm not seeing an option to publish straight to Connect within Captivate. Here is what I'm seeing on my end:


                                      publishing window.png


                                      Does anyone have any insight? I would greatly appreciate it.