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    addchild() not loading external swf when run in browser

    EricTheGrey Level 1

      I've created a couple of flash animations, fairly simple, but the whole relies on loading external swf files and then unloaing them.


      The base file works fine, loads the externals and unloads them (although I need to preven the user from hitting the unload button when there is nothing to unload) and will then load another just fine, IF I run it directly from my file system.


      I want it to be on a web page, but when you click the button to load the external files, nothing happens.  Safari tells me it cannot find the file, and I'm using the exact same directory to test.


      So, works fine when testing with flash (CS4) and running directly from the directory in finder, but from a web page, it cannot find the file.


      Any suggestions on why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?  It's got me stumped.




      Eric the Grey