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    My script for moving .indd files into a folder not working

    iBabs2 Level 2


      I have been making a bunch of scripts to clean off my desktop and put certain file types in specific folders..All are working except for my InDesign one.

      Can some look at the code and maybe tell me why....basically it makes a folder on the desktop called InDesign Folder, if one does not exist and then it is suppose to move any file that ends in indd to it. thanks



      property inDesignFolder : "InDesign desktop"

      tell application "Finder"

      if not (exists folder inDesignFolder) then make new folder with properties {name:inDesignFolder}

      move (every document file whose kind ends with "indd") to folder inDesignFolder

      end tell


      if anyone can tell me why this isn't working, I would appreciate that.