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    Simutaneous Playback & Editing

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      What's up everyone???


      Just wondering if there is a way for me to edit objects within a project while editing at the same time...  I just come off a bad Magix Movie Editor Program into Premiere Elements but still, there are several features I have gotten used to, such as editing while the project is playing back parts of the program.


      any information would be very much appreciated... and thank you in advance



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          What do you wish to edit, while playback is commencing? The CTI w/ the edit line would be moving at ~ 30 FPS, so you would have to chase it all over the Timeline. What did you commonly edit in Magix, while the CTI was in motion?


          The playback engine in PrE (and PrPro) must have focus. When you click away from the Timeline, playback will stop.


          The reason for this is that Adobe assumes that you have come to the point, where you wish to edit, and if the CTI continues, that point will be lost.


          About the only exception to this is the addition of Beat Markers, with the * key on the number pad, with NumLock ON. That will allow playback to continue and just place a Marker, where you tapped the * key.


          Good luck,



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            Hey Hunt...


            Glad you stopped by, I've seen you around the forum, and that's comforting... sorry for the dalay, 4th of July and all.




            + I wish to edit/arrange the gaps in my movie basically.  I can easily drop IMAGE OBJECTS into the correct position in the timeline as the video in the project is progressing, more or less anticipating where the image will need to be inserted in the timeline to correspond with a particular BEAT/NOTE of the sound or audio track...  This comes in useful when dropping a quick sound effect at a specific spot of the soundtrack, which I use a lot in making my videos. example: birds chirping when the quarterback gets sacked, etc...


            + In Magix you can shorten, or time stretch the playing project object (video, audio, images, transitions, and object effects) as it was progressing along the timeline as well as move other objects in other tracks as well as the playing track... also, which I have gotten very used to.  I don't know, call it a 'SPEED EDITOR'S DELIGHT' lol,  Chasing the timeline is never a problem so long as the progression is SMOOTH and for the most difficult areas of the project I just set LOOP markers up and made my edits while the loop played.  I have to create, edit, and arrange videos almost every night of the football season so it is very useful to edit in this manner, for me.


            + Is there any way to add a line into the appdata to maybe adjust the focus of the program, I really like it, editing is just so slow this way for me and I have to back track a lot because Im dealing with so many files and ideas I have to be quick...

            The Orange Objects are the items I would like tobe able tohunt adobe.jpg

            edit as the objects are played


            The Green Objects was the soundtrack I was trying to move to fill up the gap, not entirely but just far enough to give a small black out between the intro and the opening

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              Unfortunately, PrE will not let you do any editing on the fly, while watching the Timeline. As mentioned, as soon as you click away, the playback will stop.


              I have never seen a need to do my edits on the fly, but then I am pretty old-school, coming from a cine background. We even had to stop playback to put a notch-mark on the film's edge, or make a grease-pencil note for a Transition, so maybe I have missed something all these years.


              As for placing Beat Markers for future edits, try the * key, and see how that works. You will not be able to click-drag things to the Timeline in playback, but will know where you want to place them. You can step from Marker to Marker, so it's an easy process.


              Sorry that PrE does not allow one to grab and drag, or drop while the Timeline is going by.


              Good luck,



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                Thanks Hunt, I appreciate it...  It's just the learning curve with me.  I am glad however that video editing has come a long way and the features in Adobe are awesome...


                thanks again and happy 4th of July, wherever you may be!

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                  Good luck and thanks for the July 4th wishes.


                  For me, that is "sunny" Arizona, USA, and we're planning on sticking around home tonight, as we have a new Bulldog puppy, and she's never heard fireworks before (most displays have been canceled around here, due to extreme dry conditions and also budgets). Her "buddy," our older girl Bulldog ignores them, and sleeps through them. The new puppy? We'll find out this evening.


                  Happy July 4th your way too,