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      Recently, I think after I downloaded the latest version, I've had trouble with a pdf document that I did not have issues with before. I reinstalled adobe but am still having issues.  I am getting the following messages:


      There was an error processing a page.  There was a problem reading this document. (135)


      Insufficient data for this document.


      Thanks for any help.

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          Aagon Level 1

          Just to add more detail - after this error comes up, the next page is either partially or completely blank.  I'm also sometiems getting Insufficient data to display image, which displays a blank image.

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            AbhigyanModi Adobe Employee

            I am assuming this happens for a specific document. Would it be possible for you to post that document ?

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              We are having the same error on numerous web downloaded documents. Same messages. Running Win 7, 4 gigs memory, Acer laptops. All ok before the recent update. Hope someone figures this out soon





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                AbhigyanModi Adobe Employee

                Again, can you post links to some of those web documents so that we can figure if it's a machine or document specific problem.

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                  blacboat Level 1



                  this problem was on a 32 bit running W7 starter



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                    AbhigyanModi Adobe Employee

                    thanks. I was able to open and scroll through the entire document with Reader 9.3.3. But then, I am on a Dell desktop with Windows 7 enterprise (32 bit), IE 8.


                    Which browser are you using? Do you also see the problem if you download the file to the disk and open it in Reader application?

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                      blacboat Level 1


                      Thanks for the help. I am using Chrome 5.037. It might be mostly on secure

                      websites. I have had some successes, but have been on the machines very

                      little for a couple of days and no current notes. I'll reply again after a

                      day or so of trying to open PDF's


                      Thanks again, hope to email you soon


                      Jon Wetzel

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                        blacboat Level 1

                        hi again,

                        Here is another one that didn’t work on the 64 bit machine, W7 Chrome. Most

                        PDFs worked



                        Thanks again,


                        Jon Wetzel

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                          I am having the same page errors described above.  I'd be happy to upload a sample file with these errors, but I can figure out how to upload a file (could only find the icons for uploading a video, image or link).  I am running on an HP 32 bit with Chrome 5.0.375 browser.

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                            Jan13S Level 1



                            Here is the URL for a pdf that is coming up with page load errors.


                            Thanks in advance for the help!

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                              Jan13S Level 1

                              Troubleshooting this page load error problem further, I have isolated it to docs downloaded while in the Chrome browser.  When I download the same doc in IE8, it loads just fine. Hmmm...

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                                This past week, after updating Adobe Reader, I have developed the same problem on PDF's that previously opened fine : "There was an error processing a page.  There was a problem reading this document (135)."


                                I am using:  Microsoft Windows Vista, Version 6.0.6002  Service Pack 2


                                I use and prefer Google Chrome (5.0.375.125) although I have Internet Explorer (8.00.6001.18702)


                                Adobe Reader


                                These PDF's opened fine on other PC's but not mine.  After reading this ERROR post I tested using IE on my PC and magic, they open fine without error.


                                I think this points to an incompatibility with the latest update of Adobe Reader and Chrome.  I never had this problem with previous versions of Adobe Reader and Chrome.

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                                  I noticed the same errors with Chrome 5.0.375.125. Files opened fine using IE. My solution was to change the settings within adobe reader, edit preferences, the internet section and uncheck "display pdf in browser". Now the PDF files open in reader, without any errors. Hope this helps. Until Adobe/chrome figure it out.

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                                    DonC46 Level 1

                                    Thanks Chezbrown,  I unchecked "display pdf in browser" in Adobe Reader properties and my documents are displaying fine without errors!

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                                      This problem of corrupted pdfs has been haunting me for months. I have reader 9.3.3 with window 7 pro 64 bit. I downloaded my pdfs with Chrome. Obviously a poor decision.


                                      After hearing you solution I began downloading all these corrupt pdfs with ie 8. Problem solved.


                                      Thank you all for your help. Chrome will be uninstalled from my computer. It wasted a lot of my time.



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                                        AbhigyanModi Adobe Employee

                                        Looks like this is bug in Chrome:


                                        Looks like they have fixed it, but can't say when it would appear in an update.