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    load url into flash movie




      I am trying to load the url below into my flash movie but I can not get the results the data to show:



      It is an audio player and you can see what it is suppose to look like at the url below:


      I am trying to get both of them to appear the same way side by side but within a flash file. If I can get one to show I can get the other and position them later. For now I'm just trying to get the data of that one .swf file on the left to show within another .swf file.


      Here is what I am getting:

      First try:



      and got this result(click on DEMOS)




      Second try:
      loadMovie("http://static.flashwidgetz.com/swf/nextgen.swf?id=FINGYY3QD4ODQOPX1E", demosvoice1, 'POST');


      and got this result(click on DEMOS)




      Any suggestions?

      Any help on this is greatly appreciated.