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    Looking for Fireworks text box fix CS4 Mac OSX


      I downloaded the Re-sync extension for the textbox fix for fireworks CS4, but it doesn't do anything! If anyone knows of a newer fix that's been put out there, please let me know. Not ready to buy CS5 just yet, but I hope this issue was addressed in that version. Thanks for your help!

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          There were many updates to text handling in CS5. The best way to find out if your issue was addressed though, is to download the trial and give it a spin.


          Jim Babbage

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            CS-Designs Level 1

            As much as upgrading sounds good, I'm not in a position to do that 

            and was just looking for a fix that would address the issue in CS4.

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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              Sorry, I didn't mean to imply you should upgrade at the moment, but just check to see if your issues were resolved. Apologies for the confusion.

              • 4. They don't really care..   soon is CS5.5  then CS6

                Ok, is like this,


                I love fireworks because its eazy to work with.   Photoshop - for Photos   Fireworks - Internet design.


                Why Fireworks have F12 to view in the browser I find that alone clever, plus that you can design all your pages on one canvas by just clicking on duplicate page and there you go.


                So your program crashes and Adobe still can't really find a real fix.
                Well first of all Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash and Freehand was products from Macromedia.


                Adobe saw a potential threat so they decide to buy it over.
                So they can keep photoshop on a high and Fireworks on a low.
                And the trick is they taking things from fireworks to incorporate in photoshop.


                Now in Photoshop there is now preview in browser and plus no pages technique where you can keep designing without closing and opening another canvas.


                They just want people to like photoshop more   they lace photoshop with web base tools and canvases but people who don't know Fireworks who go and work with it for a little finds that they are faster finished with a mock up or wireframe from a asite instead of working true layer and all kind of tools and using 4 different layers for one object,  it takes too long.


                make photoshop fast like Fireworks and then I will give it its credit due.
                But for now I keep fixing my photo's and making nice banners and flashy pics in photoshop
                but for Webdesign I keep using Fireworks.
                it gone have to keep crashing but Fireworks is my religion.


                And the updat don't work either  wel atleast not on my    quad core Z400 workstation  windows 7  computer.
                Tell me when you all find something to fix this.


                soon is: soon is CS5.5  then CS6   CS7   CS8   CS9   CS10     etc etc etc    year 2200  is  CS1000  or maybe you just say adobe    and you get your design.



                Fireworks lover..