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    How can I make my Logo appear after 10 seconds of loading the background?

    learner_7n Level 1



      I have an animation Logo flash movie which I want to appear after 10 seconds of loading the background image (Panel_mc)?


      I am using Actionscript 3 to load the Logo.swf movie. The following is the whole code that I have on my action script page:


      import fl.transitions.Tween;
      import fl.transitions.easing.*;


      var PanelTween:Tween = new Tween(Panel_mc, "y", Elastic.easeOut, -400, 20, 5, true);


      var l:Loader=new Loader();
      l.load(new URLRequest("Logo.swf"));
      l.x = -20;
      l.y = -20;


      l.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.INIT, growLoader);


      function growLoader(evt:Event):void {
           l.width = 320;
           l.height = 185;


      Note: I need it because first the background will animate so no one can pay attention to my Logo. Once the background stops animation, My logo needs to be start (animation)?


      How can I do it using Actionscript 3.


      Hope somebody will help me.