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    AIR 2 Printing PDF?

    MotionMaker Level 1

      The application I have is a main order entry system prints PDFs. The PDFs are then made available on a remote computer where I want to print them without user interaction. The user will be talking via a Flash Media Server application using AIR 2 to an order agent who enters data into an order entry system. The agent can then print the PDF. I want to have the agent taking the order can send the PDF and have it printed on the user's side. The sending part seems to have various possibilities but the printing side is what I need help fleshing out.


      I looked at


      http://cookbooks.adobe.com/post_Printing_a_PDF_document_from_AIR_without_displayin-16288.h tml




      The issue at hand is a way to make it easy to intall the Javascript into the PDF without the Agent having to know Acrobat such as at a command line or in AIR on their PC before the PDF is sent.


      Any suggestions.