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    Flash Video HELP!!!

    LIttle_Harry Level 1
      I am having some trouble trying to get child Slides to sync with an FLV on a Parent slide.
      The FLV has various actionscript Cue Points named the same as the child slides and the "Slide CuePoint Navigation" Behaviour has been added to the FLV playback component.
      What I have tryed so far:
      1. Taking the behaviour off the FLV playback and putting it on the Parent slide
      2. Having the Behaviour on the FLV playback and the Parent slide
      3. Changing the event of the behaviour from the defult "Buffering" to "playing"

      I have searched for AGES for a solution. Downloaded Tutorials and etc. Followed them all but it still doesn't work!!! Is there is a problem in my sofware???

      Thanks guys!