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    Rendering woes


      Im having great difficulty with output rendering of a very short project, and I'm wondering which aspect of the scene, or combination of aspects, is attributing to the problem.   The current issue is the time it is taking to render my scene. My CPU has been rendering for almost 18 hours and says there are two more hours remaining. The project attributes are as follows: HDTV 24p 1920x1080 Composition duration: 13 seconds (312 frames)  I created a title sequence akin to the opening title of the ABC television series, Lost. For those unfamiliar it is simple and sweet. In fact it's considered by critics to be overly simple, and some criticize it's overall look. I won't go into the backstory of the show's opening title cuz it's not relevant now, but you can do a search engine query for the reasons why J.J. Abrhams went with the sequence. Anyway, it's basically one word on a black background. It starts in the distance, out of focus and at an approximate 30 degree up-angle. The camera zooms in on the word as it slowly rotates, finishing at an approximate 30 degree down-angle and disappearing behind the camera. As the text approaches, and finally disappears behind the camera, the word comes into focus, ten blurs again, as it moves past the focal length.   I created the 3D text (a single 5-letter word) in Photoshop CS5 using Rappousse and imported as a comp to AE CS5. I used a Gaussian blur to simulate the focal length blur, and moved the comp camera on the z axis to zoom toward and through the text.  I loaded the comp to the render queue and it initially told me 8+ hours. I am going on 19 hours at this point: 292 of 312 frames have rendered and it says there is about 1 hr 22 minutes remaining. Not entirely efficient for a simple 13 second title.   My computer is a 2.4 GHz Intel core 2 duo MacBook pro with 4 gigs of ram (with NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics card). I know that this particular CPU is not the most ideal hardware for this kind of work, but it's all I've got right now.   What I'm looking for here is reasons why the render is taking so long, and what I can do to improve  the process with what I have available to me. Thank you!!

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          Try something similar without the 3D object from Photoshop. I'm betting that it is that element that is making your render times so great.


          There are many, many tips for improving performance here: "Improve performance"


          If this is you first project in After Effects, then I recommend that you start with simpler things to figure out the software and your system before jumping into working with 3D objects from other applications, tweaking performance, etc.