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    Some advice please, BlazeDS and some ideas


      HEllo all,


      I am planning on building an app out, that has two versions,  viewer and admin.  The admin will be allowed to upload images, and then display an image of choice on the viewers page,  and be able to change these images at will, with the viewers page automatically updating.


      Kind of like a daynamic image sharing thing.


      Now i have been doing some research in how to do this, and stumbled along BlazeDS,  and am wondering if something like this is possible with Blaze, i know it can support sending and recieving text based messages really well, but dose it suppose images in the same way ?



      Any advice would be great !

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          Nobody able to offer some advice?

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            David_F57 Level 5



            You would still use the messageing system of blaze to tell a user an image has been modified then tehy would download it again, much the same way we did with the video app you would have a key word in the message that triggers a dowload event.


            For instance a user uploads an image when the event complete is fired it feeds a message to the server "imageUL:image001.jpg" the serevr then posts a message to all clients "imageED:USR:image001.jpg"


            when you get the message it fires the download event because ther first 7 characters ="imageED, the character between the colons is the user id so if you where the one that updated the image you would not proceed to download the image.