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    LrPhoto:getContainedPublishedCollections() to work with Smart Collection


      I have customized the original flickr publish plugin to suit my liking and to model the behavior of Flickr especially the Photostream and Photosets concept. I love the improve plugin i created very much. When I started to work with smart collections to publish my photos to flickr.most of the functionality and behavior of flickr I had created breakdown as I rely heavily on LrPhoto:getContainedPublishedCollections() to interconnect each photoset (collection). Apparently this function doesn't work with smart collection. My question would be

      1. For the next update of lightroom, I hope to see the function LrPhoto:getContainedPublishedCollections() to also work with Smart Collections.

      2. For the time being is there any alternative way to reference smart collections from a LrPhoto?


      Thank you very much..