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    Cannot authorize ADE


      I recently help my daughter to install ADE on her computer so she can view books borrowed from library. After installation and clicking accept on end user agreement, ADE prompts me with the message "Error Activating vE_ADEPT_IO  ActivationServiceInfo Error%20#2032 ...". There is only two buttons available, one is 'retry' which produces no response and the other 'cancel' which kicks me out completely. There is no way for me to provide registartion information at all. From my experience of installing it on other PC I know that it should prompt me at least once to enter Adobe ID but it never shows up on this machine. I even uninstalled it completely, restart the machine and reinstall again, hoping this would clean up any unwanted catches, but I have no luck on this.


      I even disabled Windows firewall to allow any traffic to pass through but it still doesn't work.


      Please advice how I can get ADE authorized.