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    General Computer Question


      Hello,  I am about to buy a "bare-bones" new computer, and would like recommendations on what hardware to fit it with.  I will be using it 90% of the time to burn DVDs from Prem. Pro.CS 3 and Encore CS 3.  What I would like to know is 1.) Processor, type and model,  2,) memory, type and amount, HD drive/s, type and capacity, 3.) Video card, make and model, and 4.)  DVD burner, make and model.. in or exturnal, and any other information you may wish to share.  I read the the Intel I7 processor is best, but am not sure.  Don't know the best burner to get, and wodering iif memory and processor speed have a large effect on rendering and transcoding time.  DVDs will run about 1.5 hours..   Lastly, I am not an idiot!  I just want good advice before I jump and make costly mistakes.  Thank you for your time and any advice,,