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    problem with php form in flash

      Hi I've uploaded a PHP email form, but when clicked it says the message has been sent, but nothing actually happens. I've checked with the host and they do support PHP. I'm thinking that the action script isn't finding the php and maybe I uploaded it incorrectly. I uploaded the php into the same folder as the swf and html. All the php is correct. what else could be going wrong? It may also be the action script. I've attached the AS to this message. any help would be much appreciated.

      here is the link http://www.maddadesigncompany.com/form4/

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          The email.php form does not appear to be there, or is not accessible.

          If you view it in a browser it should be blank but should not normally give a 404 error like I get when I follow this link.


          EDIT: actually, depending on how things are set up for email etc it may throw a php error like that in the browser, but it shouldn't be a 404 page not found, which is what I'm getting.
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            Luke_H Level 1
            Hi, It's definateley there but I don't know why it won't read it. do you have any other suggestions? thanks for your help.
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              Greg Dove Level 4
              I'm no expert on this stuff - I'm guessing its something to do with the setup on the server for php.

              I use WAMPserver to test locally (using windows) and so I test most stuff locally first, so I just tested the Kirupa email.php file locally and can get things to work. Can you see a phpinfo page or just put up a file like this:

              print "browser test";

              If you put that up as say, test.php and navigate to it in your browser ... and it doesn't work... then its definitely a setting on your server. Perhaps php itself needs to be enabled or some directory level access or something... like I said I'm no expert, sorry.