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    AIR 2.0 Create folder in C:\Program Files\ in windows 7

    Jayagopal Flex Level 1


          We have a problem in creating a folder and a file inside C:\Program Files\ in this path in windows 7 and Windows vista.Is it possible to create a folder here.How to give elevated permission to my air application(administator previlage to the application). Is it possible in adobe air2.0 Adobe team please have a look into this issue.




      Jayagopal P.S

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          I'm not an Adobe person, but based on my knowledge of Vista/7 permissions, the only way to give your app the elevated permissions is to right-click and run the app (each time) "as administrator".  Windows purposefully doesn't allow apps to permanently be flagged as having administrator permissions.  If you are cooking an exe yourself, there is a way to tell Windows that your app requires admin permissions on each run, but your user will still have to click past the prompt each time.  But since AIR is creating the .exe, I doubt there is a way to set that flag so that your app prompts for admin permissions.  Silly question I know, but are you absolutely sure you need to be storing files or folders here?  Windows takes great pains to prevent apps from doing that now...