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    images from DB in flash animation

    Pieter P

      Hello Ladies en Gentlemen,


      I am quite new on this form but I think this is the place to ask this question. I am building a Dutch website where people can search for availble houses tot rent. The website is completly free for every one. But to make some money I have added the possiblity for house owners to put there website in the spotlight in Dutch "uitgelicht" (see : http://www.huurdert.nl). Now I have the following problem. Not every browser shows it in the correct way and I wanted to change the banner in to a flash banner. So I started out in flash to create a "image belt" like this. But now I want to insert some images from a database and I am stuck.


      The Question : Where and how do I tell Flash to insert images from a db. I know PHP but I don't know where to start looking.


      If someone could point me a bit in the right direction I would be very pleased.


      Thanks in advance,