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    .eclipse folder in C:\Users\[USERNAME]

    mistertomstone Level 1

      Hi There,


      I develop software on many different platforms using many different environments so I am used to these random folders being created in my personal folders.


      In the last few days I have been cleaning up these folders and placing them all in workspace folders on my system drive.


      I have managed to fix all but the .eclipse folder, all I need to know if there is a registry value (I cannot find one) that can be changed to fix this or an environment variable (I suspect this is more likely).


      Thanks in advance


      Tom Stone

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          C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

          Hi Tom,


          That .eclipse folder is a default that Eclipse itself has configured, but since it's a default, you probably won't find it anywhere explicitly in the ini files or in any registry settings. I think Eclipse uses that folder for installing new plugins from update sites, when it doesn't have write access to the main copy of eclipse, and also in shared configurations where multiple users are sharing the same machine.


          There's some info about that in this bug report:



          Is it fair to assume that you're running FB4 Plug-in, or are you running standalone FB4?


          For FB4 Plug-in (and Eclipse in general), I think the way to avoid the .eclipse folder returning is to run Windows logged in as a user with machine Administrator rights, also making sure that you're running Eclipse with elevated UAC rights ("as Admin...") anytime you run Eclipse's own update mechanism.


          You might also be able to find an eclipse ini file setting that would re-direct that .eclipse folder to some other location, but that might not be safe unless you're sure that you'll always have write access to the alternate location.