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    cannot replace with after effect composition.

    avi sliman

      hye there..

      i have a mac os on a hackintosh- i7-920,6gb of ram and so on

      i have the cs4 master collection installed on it-all legal and original


      i was trying to send from premiere a few clips to after effect using this method:


      i was choosing the actual clips i wanted to work on in AE from the time line in premiere pro than i right clicked on them and choose the



      it than opened after effect asking me first to save the project: SAVE AS


      i gave it a name and than the clips has arrived from premiere but they appear as offline...i have tried reloading the clips but with no real success.


      has anyone has a clue what might be the problem...


      i repaired permissions on my mac

      i have reinstalled all the production suit

      and i have looked trough tutorials over the web to see how to actually do it and it appeared i am do in it right..

      so were are the clips???


      help me out guys