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    Spark skinning fade in

    hidarikani Level 2

      I want my custom component to fade in

      when it's added to a container

      but the state desn't change when the component is created so I can't use a transition.

      What can I do?

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          David_F57 Level 5



          Use the show event to fire your state change. then you get your transition  .



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            hidarikani Level 2

            Inside my custom Spark component:


                      public function Node() { //constructor
                           addEventListener(FlexEvent.SHOW, visibilityHandler);
                           addEventListener(FlexEvent.HIDE, visibilityHandler);
                      protected function visibilityHandler(event:FlexEvent):void {
                           invalidateSkinState(); //this line is never executed
                      override protected function getCurrentSkinState():String {
                           var skinState:String = 'invisible';
                           if (visible)
                                skinState = 'up';
                           return skinState;


            visibilityHandler is never executed, so my skin state doesn't change but in Flex documentation:

            "After the last render event occurs, Flex performs the following actions: Makes the component visible by setting the visible property to true(...)"