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    Changing graphics into BitmapData

      This may well be a silly question, but ... I've been reading that in order to load bitmapdata you have to use the loader. Is that the Loader component or the Loader Class, or is that basically the same thing now? I don't want to use the loader because I have to load really really big images and it doesn't let me scroll them and I can't scale them. I'm using fileReference to load an image and then drawing on the image using graphics.lineTo, but then I can't merge the two pieces, which I gather is because I have to first convert them into bitmapdata, or am I very much mistaken? Once I've converted them into bitmapData I can use merge() to put them together, I think, unless I do the getPixels() thing.

      I know kglad gave a response in AS 2.0 here, but this is AS 3.0 and I believe it's different.

      Here are some of my bits and pieces: