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    A few question about iPhone OS in CS5 and CS5 in general.



      I'm an IT trainer and I am trying to introduce my students to programming for iPhone/iPod Touch. (They are Secondary 2 students. 14 years old) The school is using a windows computer and CS5 right now is the best for the class (Not a steep learning curve and a user-friendly program). I know about the problems over the iPhone OS in CS5 with Apple but I was told it is still available for use. Furthermore, we have no intention of bringing the apps created to the Apple Store. I've tried the trial version and before I make any purchase, I would actually like to ask a few questions.


      Is the iPhone OS in the trial version itself complete? Is there anything left out from the trial version because when I tried it, it seems fine however I did not try publishing to an iPhone due to the certificates. Is there a reason for the certificate? Is there any way around it because if there isn't do I need to get a certificate for every single student? (I'm looking at a class of 40 students.) Is the certificate available for windows platform?


      Lets say, I got myself a certificate, create a simple program and then publish it, can I immediately bring it over to iTunes and then sync? Will it work that way? I don't want it to be too tedious for the students to see the end result. I've done quite a few research and have come across people having problems bringing it into their devices. Those people mention about bringing it to Cydia and needing to jailbreak the device. The devices made available for the students are not jailbroken. Will iPhone OS with proper certification still need Cydia for use with their device? Will only jailbroken device allow a CS5 app? I hope you get what I'm trying to say. We as trainers do not support teaching students to jailbreak, so that's definitely a no-no.


      Another thing about CS5. Previously I have called customer support about the CS4 the school is using now and the problem with nested animation when publishing the animation as a video file, is this problem still in CS5? Does CS5 allow nested animation to be published as a video file? If it isn't, is there any way around it?


      Thank you for your time and patience in answering my questions.