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    CS5 upgrade install Catalyst problem



      I purchased the CS5 Master Collection Upgrade because I wanted to get the full CS5 Version of Flash Catalyst. I had previously had the beta version of Flash Catalyst on my comptuer. Before Installation of the CS5 upgrade, I tossed my beta version of Flash Catalyst in the trash and emptied the trash.


      When shown the choices of products to install with the CS5 installation, I am not given the option to install Flash Catalyst CS5 (there is a red x next to this option and it says “A prerelease version of the product is already installed”.) even though a search for any remnants of the previous BETA version can not be found.


      I have shut down and restarted the computer. and I spoke with Adobe technical consultants in India (or wherever they are)  for an hour.. this situation was not in their reference which they repeatedly referred to to no avail, so they told me I must e-mail Adobe from the internet.



      Speaking to someone on the other side of the world is bad enough but when the people from India or Bora Bora, or wherever, put you on hold while they refer to their references for an hour then can not help you and tell you have to send an e-mail for a more competent level of support,  it is even more frustrating. Furthermore,  having to correspond by e-mail for a more competent level of technical support even though I had just spent over $1,000 on an UPGRADE, is most disparaging.

      I hope that Adobe will  make my installation of Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 possible soon. But in the meantime, has anyone else had this problem?


      I am:

      Elizabeth Wallace