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    Optimise Flash Banner with bitmap images



      I have to produce a Flash banner advert for my company. The specs are Flash 8, up to 30kb.

      My company wants highest possible resolutions and smooth animations, but no matter what i do, either I have to lower the resolutions of my images or have to make the advert more static, none of which my company is happy about!


      I save images to the right size so i don't scale them in Flash

      I open each of the bitmaps and change their quality individually

      I clicked the compress movie button

      I optimised all the shapes that are in the film

      I made sure all the objects used more than once or animated are movieclips

      I used SWF optimiser but it didn't make any difference.


      Is there anything else that i have missed?


      Many thanks for any answer



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          skarthiks Level 2

          You could get the image outside of the swf and load the image dynamically...in this way the image can have the highest possible resolution and the size of the swf itself will be less.


          The image will be loaded by the swf, using URLLoader or Loader classes in case you are using AS3 and loadMovie incase you are using AS2.


          Hope this helps


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            Kartik Mehta Level 3



            1) compress movie button is use to compress the fla file not the swf.

            2) Use vector graphics than bitmaps

            3) remove the bitmaps from the library

            4) If images are required in flash try to load at runtime. It will also create a difference.


            Try the above mentioned steps and let me know the outputs.

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              srd49 Level 1

              Thank you both for your answers. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to load images externally...

              I need to use bitmap images, I cannot transform them as vectors.

              I have been given 20k more to work with though, which has resolved my problem.


              However, I'd still like to hear from anybody about their tricks to optimise their flash banner adverts to make them as small as possible, that'd be very helpful!


              Many thanks



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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                There really aren't tricks to this, just what needs to be done, and you seemed to have attempted it before you posted.  Either you load things dynamically or you reduce the weight of what the file carries.  The swf will carry the weight of whatever files you use in it that you imported to the library, including images, sounds, and video, so you need to minimize the use of such things and optimize what you do use before importing.  Graphics created with Flash are very economical, as well as actionscript code, so they should be utlized as a preference.