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    Flash Player keeps crashing?


      Hi, I currently downloaded firefox figuring it would help, it was all fine then when I downloaded Flash Player 10.1 I go to watch a video on Youtube and other sites that require flash, It comes up saying Adobe Flash Player has Crashed. I send a crash report, re-load the page and STILL it does the exact same thing. I've looked all over and supposably it was supposed to be fixed with Firefox Version 3.6.6, I'm not seeing it. I'm also aware that it doesn't work on IE8 either. My other solution was to try safari, it crashes all of safari as well. I surmise that it's a problem with Adobe, If so, Could we download a later version and fix it like that? or, Will we have to wait until version 10.2 arrives?

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, you'll need to post back your operating system, your IE browser. Did you run the Adobe Uninstaller first? This removes previous versions of Flash Player from all browsers. Then you need to use (preferably) the offline Installer for Internet Explorer and then the offline Installer for Firefox(and other supported browsers)




          Let me know.






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            I'm having the exact same problem. Mind you, I only use mozilla Firefox, but the funny thing is I've never had a problem with flash before in any release. So this is new. And like the OP said, the flash player is crashing, and the message is that "flash player plug-in has crashed" ...


            My specs are Firefox 3.6.6

                                 Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit.

                                 Flash version WIN 10,1,53,64 ... according to your version detection page.



            PLZ help - I'm addicted to all the wonderful content your platform supports. I misses it so!

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              pwillener Level 8

              To both posters in this topic: try first to disable hardware acceleration (Flash Player Settings).


              If after this FP still crashes, try to update the device drivers for your graphics/video/display adapter.

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                i am having the exact same problem, and like said i never had problems with flash player until now and i also get the same message, it works and than it stops and than it works and than it stops and everytime it crashes it messes my laptop up...

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                  I am having the same problem and it is driving me crazy.

                  I also have firefox.  It always crash

                  when I am playing farmville on facebook.  I have flash player 10.  My computer is only 4 mos. old with norton antivirus.  HELP

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                    I have two pcs running one XP the other 7, Flash player fails on both. It locks up IE all the time like thousands of other people. But who is listening we can see that Adobe isn't. I have tried with firefox and Chrome with the same result.

                    But I've noticed it will work with old cams. I unfortunately have two brand new Logitech cams c510 and c910 which work perfectly when not using adobe products, I know its an Adobe problem Chrome and IE tell me so.

                    Why won't a company like this do something from this experience I would drop the product but can't because all the browsers use it, why it's like school boy software, perhaps the company does not have the expertise to put it right?

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                      Disable it unless you ***really*** need it.


                      I just started another thread on this, but I suspect it will not go anywhere. Flash Player has bene buggy for many versions, and I've personally hated it since V4. I only run it because of YouTube, and the fact I need to test some Flash content for work.