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    Bizarre and Weird Color Changes In Reader


      Ok, this is driving me crazy.


      I use Apple: Pages to create a monthly online PDF 'magazine' for a toy collection group I am a part of.  The PDF's I create through the program read find in every PDF reader I use - except Adobe Reader.


      It's not a 'can't read' error, or anything of the sort.  For the most part, it looks fine.  But on bizarre and random occasions, reader has been *switching font colors* for random pages - and even random text boxes.


      One page, which is white text on a darkish blue background, has the text switched randomly to dark grey text.  SOmetimes I can make it go away in reader by getting rid of the text box, and inserting a new one... with the same text.  It's incredibly frustrating.


      The final straw that got me to come here was when on a page (light blue with purple headlines and black text), *one* text box randomly changed *only* the headline... to BRIGHT GREEN.  

      Again, this *only* happens in Reader, and I know it's not just on my computer, because other people on different platforms have reported the same thing - ONLY IN READER.  With any other PDF reading program (including Apple Preview and the PDF FIrefox plugin), the text reads normally.


      So what in the high heck is wrong with Adobe Reader?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Nothing is wrong. Pages or the Mac OS may be making non-standard pdf files. How are you creating pdf files from Pages? Are you printing to pdf or saving as PDF? Can you post a problem pdf somewhere for us to look at?

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            MasterFwiffo Level 1

            I just found a temporary solution by changing the font to a different color and saved over it.  Lemee see if I still have an older one.  But my question to you is, Why does it do it *randomly*?  There was literally no difference between the textbox that turned green and the other ones on the same page that remained the proper color (other then the changed entries. I copied and pasted for the formats then changed the text)  Why does only one page have white text turn dark grey? (There's a lot of pages with white text on darker backgrounds).  And why does it read normally in *non-Adobe* readers?


            I use Page's export function to create the PDF's, incidently.




            Ok, what the heck.  I just re-downloaded a version I *know* had the grey text error earlier, and now that's gone and it's the proper color.  This file had the errors 3 days ago.  I also note it didn't have the bright green headline error - which is especially odd, because that text box wasn't changed AT ALL between that version and the version that had the green headline.


            Once again, are you *sure* this isn't Adobe Reader screwing up?  Because *none* of this happens on any of the other readers.

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              Barbara Dax

              I am experiencing the exact same problem! I have used pages to design an invitation and exported it to a pdf file. The original color appears in all viewers except Adobe. Adobe Reader changes one small section into a muted green-gray.  I cannot figure out, nor understand why this is happening.  It is frustrating because I need to send this out electronically to a large number of people.  Is there a solution?

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                SoleilSoleil Level 1

                Exactly the same problem !!!!!


                Something must be wrong with Adobe Reader 9 ! I downloaded AR again, but this did not hel.


                A clear answer how to repair this would be welcome

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                  I am having what may be a related problem. I do layouts for a researcher - he recently had his toshiba serviced and one of the pfd's started having weird and random printing problems - there was random bolding and worst there were random font color changes - cyan blue instead of black texts.  Various print settings were tried and we could eliminate all but the random cyan (note: the original document was created in InDesign C3, and I cleared all unused swatches including cyan).  Converted to pdf through InDesign to Acrobat 9.  I work on  a Mac but the printer is in another space and Windows 7 operates the Toshiba.  Before switching to Windows 7 there were NO problems with this particular document.  They use the latest Adobe Reader to open the doc and print.  We can recreate the random bolding in several documents, but the cyan only appears in one particular doc.  To sum up what we know:


                  Mac Leopard InDesign CS3 creates document and creates pdf.  High quality prints have no problem, but when I do a custom preset (to reduce overall file size for distribution) and elminate ICC profiles, use no standards, at Adobe 5.0 (pdf 1.4) one section continues to have problems.  The section has been retyped  in a new text box but the problem continues. It has complex formatting - list using numbers, italics, bold, regular and custom kerning.  Random italic sections print cyan blue (somewhat fragmented) and resetting the color (to "paper" back to black then 98%) has been a temporary work around.  It does not resolve the problem.  We can treat this document as damaged (and yes, I recreated paragraph styles etc - used character styles to do italics as well as trying it manually) and until I saw this section regarding a possible problem with Adobe Reader 9 I was consigned to thinking either I had a bad file or I had to reinstall InDesign.  Ideas?



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                    Same problem here, but I found a solution thanks to this article: http://indesignsecrets.com/acrobats-adobe-pdf-printer-replaced-in-snow-leopard.php


                    Basically, if you have Acrobat Pro, in Pages (or any application) use Print > PDF > Save as Adobe PDF. However, in my case I still got seemingly random colour changes with the 'High Quality Print' option, so I used 'PDF/A-1b:2005 (RGB)', and that worked. This is with Snow Leopard and CS4.

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                      annexit49 Level 1

                      Interesting, I wonder if that will help - a Toshiba tech was unable to reproduce the errors on his (same model) machine - but using E-bridge # 3 driver was able to - so there is something in the pdf creation that is not working - unfortunately the researcher has spent so much time on this that he isn't interested in testing it - as long as it works it is fine. But I am going to prepare a few docs that way - don't know about RGB as we use cmyk, but I can try using that version to generate a pdf from CS# (I think - I am not on that computer right now).  I do a custom file reduction - I don' thave the problem with high quality -


                      will check back



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                        This summer I had a big problem printing pages (from some pdfs)with colors on a Fedora 13 system and HP Officejet Pro K8600 with HP drivers. Colors were so different from the original, much darker!.

                        I kept all those pages for a future bug report that nowadays I have not yet entered.

                        These pdf files were generated by Microsoft Office 2007.

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                          I have a similar issue. I create a PDF in InDesign CS6 and random colour boxes change their colour, specifically from light green to dark green. The box comes from the master page that is in all pages. About 4 out of 20 pages show this random colour change. The colour in the final (print: high quality) PDF is fine in Mac OS preview but on two completely different windows machines with Adobe Reader the random colour change occurs. I can't find a solution to this annoying bug that interferes with a professional presentation that has to be done.