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    What changes does the Debian AIR installer make to a Linux system?


      We develop finance software using Adobe AIR.  One of our customers recently posted on our forums asking me about the Debian installer package.  In particular, he has this to say:

      I was dismayed to see that the AIR installer issued a warning concerning an executable it uses which makes changes to critical system components, but that no information whatsoever was offered about just what those changes were. At the termination of the installation routine I clicked the gdebi details button to see the changes, and gdebi told me that there was an error in retrieving the information. If I'm not mistaken that means that Adobe is deliberately blocking the notification of the system about changes made by the installer. I've used gdebi for installation of many .deb packages before on systems I maintain at work, and I've never seen this error.


      I'd really appreciate it if the developers of YNAB could make available the information about changes made to the system by both the AIR installer and the installation process for YNAB3.



      Could someone from Adobe give me a hand with this?  I am not familiar enough with Debian packages to know why gdebi can't report on the behavior of this particular package.  I'm hoping that there is a way to easily answer this question and tell him what changes are made to his system during install of both AIR and an AIR product. 


      Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

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          GauravKhurana Adobe Employee

          What distribution/version are you running on?

          Could you please specify the steps that you performed for installing the YNAB application and AIR runtime?


          If you could also attach screenshot of the dialog that you see during the installation of AIR runtime and/or AIR application, that would also help in analyzing the problem.


          Regarding your query for the actions performed during the installation of AIR runtime rpm/deb package:

          1. AIR runtime registers .air extension on your system i.e. installs icons/mimetype for .air extension.

          2. Sets itself as the default application for .air extension.

          2. Updates the system's icon/mimetype cache for changes to be reflected.


          AIR runtime package conforms to the debian packaging guidelines and doesn't hides anything from the user in the process of installation of runtime or application.


          You can look at the following installation scripts on your system (debian system) after AIR runtime installation:




          Hope it answers your query.

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            GilbertSullivan Level 1

            Thank you, GauravKhurana.


              I checked the scripts you listed, looked at the installation locations

            for both AIR and the YNAB application which was installed under it, and

            am satisfied.


            Because I was curious I used aptitude to remove both YNAB and AIR. They

            were removed in their entirety (with useful exceptions of user settings,

            data, and license key).


            When I re-installed AIR again gdebi gave me the terminal window when I

            asked for it this time. I'm not sure what could have been wrong the

            during the first installation. I still have to say that not seeing any

            output from the script in the terminal is an unusual experience for me,

            but I'm happy enough to know how the installation works now.


            I appreciate your attention to this matter.