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    Another CS5 Capture Problem

    jday7757 Level 1

      I'm not sure this should go here or in the hardware forum so if it's in the wrong place just let me know.  My problem is that while capturing DV footage (not HD) from my Sony HDR-HC7 I get dropped frames and green artifacts in the capture.  It's not continuous, but occurs randomly during capture and is only little blotches of green artifacts and only for a frame or so at a time.    I've read other threads on similar situations but didn't see an answer that really applied.  I recently built this editing machine for the express purpose of using CS5.  Here are some of the specs:


      Windows 7 64-bit

      i7 930

      12 GB DDR3 RAM

      10,000RPM raptor for boot/programs

      1TB RAID 0 (7200 rpm) for video and scratch disk (lots of available space on all drives)

      Additional 1 TB 7200 RPM drive (not being used with Premiere Pro)

      ASUS P6T motherboard

      nVidia 285 GTX  (latest drivers installed from nVidia website)



      I think that takes care of the pertinent hardware (I can give more if needed).


      I have ruled out some possible issues.  First, my laptop is still running 32-bit XP so I installed PremierePro CS4 on it and tested it using the same video segments (i.e., same tape so it's not the tape), same firewire cable, same camera, etc.  It captures perfectly so the issue is either with CS5 or my new editing computer.  From a previous thread I thought it could be the Firewire port since I was using the front port that came on my case (CoolerMaster 932).  So, I installed an add-on firewire card (in slot, not connected to motherboard) and experience the same artifacting/dropped frames.


      I'm not a computer expert (but know enough to build a system) so if this is hardware related I'm not sure where the problem is or where to start looking.  I'll take any suggestions.  Thanks.

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          jday7757 Level 1

          Right after I posted this I decided to try something and the result leads me to believe this is really some type of hardware problem.  I received Cyberlink software with one of my components and decided to try and capture using it instead of PremierePro.  The result was the same dropped frames/artifacts.  Another point to add is that if I capture the same segment several times these problems occur at random (i.e., different) parts of the capture.  I think because of this, I will go ahead and copy this over to the hardware forum.  I'll still accept any help here that I can get.  Thanks.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Check in Device Manager that the IEEE1394 driver is the one with Legacy in the description. There are three drivers with Windows 7, but you need the one with that description.

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              jday7757 Level 1

              Harm, thanks for the quick suggestion.  In my Device Manager under IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers there are two listed: (1) Texas Instruments 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller; and (2) VIA 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller.  Under BOTH of them under the Driver tab and Driver Details it says C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\1394ohci.sys.  I find it interesting that this is in the "system32" folder.  I don't see anything that says "Legacy".  Am I looking in the right place?


              I did notice that if I click on the "Details" tab there is a dropdown list that currently shows "Device description" and the value is "VIA 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller".  I saw that the dropdown that now shows "Device description" has dozens of choices, one of which is "Legacy bus type".  Is that something I should change or is the "Legacy" you are talking about supposed to be somewhere else?  Thanks.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                In Device Manager you should see something like this:


                6-7-2010 0-44-06.jpg


                If that is not the case, choose update driver, browse and let me pick and you will see this:


                6-7-2010 0-46-49.jpg


                That should do the trick.

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                  jday7757 Level 1

                  Harm, thanks again for the reply.  I did have to go to "Browse my computer for driver software" and found it there.  However, I changed both of my 1394 devices to the "legacy" driver, rebooted my machine and tried again.  The problem still exists.  If after selecting the "legacy" driver, if I then go to "update driver" is replaces the legacy driver with the original driver I had.


                  The artifacts in the capture are definitely a "no-go" so until I can figure out the problem I will use CS4 on my laptop to cature and then transfer the video to my editing computer.  This is obviously a "pain" so hopefully I (or mostly likely someone else) can figure something else to try.  Thanks again.

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                    jday7757 Level 1

                    Just to add another note to my problem.  I tried a different tape with the same results.  I do want to explain something concerning the problem.  I'm only talking about 1 frame dropped and a couple of frames with the small artifacts every 55-65 seconds (about once a minute).  That is something that seems very strange to me.  If it is an issue with the firewire driver, I would think it would be much worse and more frequent.  If it didn't capture fine on my older laptop with CS4 I would think that the timing seems cyclical and might have something to do with the camera itself.

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                      flbreen Level 1

                      I made the change to the legacy IEEE driver and that helped greatly but I am still dropping frames.

                      The dropped frames start usually after about 8 minutes of Capturing.

                      After I Restart the PC I can usually capture a whole tape with no frame dropping.

                      Is thare any solution other than Restart and Recapture?

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        It looks like you have some background processes during capture. Check with Process Explorer and if you have more than 50 processes running, clean up, Anti-everything is a good place to start, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-whatever and disk defragmenters, print spoolers, etc.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Along with Harm's suggestions, there are a few other "problem" settings, processes, etc., in this THREAD. That is a short list, and there are many more possible causes.


                          Good luck,