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    PremierePro CS5 Dropped Frames

    jday7757 Level 1

      I originally posted this in the PremierePro forum but now I think it is a hardware problem.  My problem is that while capturing DV footage (not HD) from my Sony HDR-HC7 I get dropped frames and green artifacts in the capture.  It's not continuous, but occurs randomly during capture and is only little blotches of green artifacts and only for a frame or so at a time.    I've read other threads on similar situations but didn't see an answer that really applied.  I recently built this editing machine for the express purpose of using CS5.  Here are some of the specs:


      Windows 7 64-bit

      i7 930

      12 GB DDR3 RAM

      10,000RPM raptor for boot/programs

      1TB RAID 0 (7200 rpm) for video and scratch disk (lots of available space on all drives)

      Additional 1 TB 7200 RPM drive (not being used with Premiere Pro)

      ASUS P6T motherboard

      nVidia 285 GTX  (latest drivers installed from nVidia website)



      I think that takes care of the pertinent hardware (I can give more if needed).


      I have ruled out some possible issues.  First, my laptop is still running 32-bit XP so I installed PremierePro CS4 on it and tested it using the same video segments (i.e., same tape so it's not the tape), same firewire cable, same camera, etc.  It captures perfectly so the issue is either with CS5 or my new editing computer.  From a previous thread I thought it could be the Firewire port since I was using the front port that came on my case (CoolerMaster 932).  So, I installed an add-on firewire card (in slot, not connected to motherboard) and experience the same artifacting/dropped frames.


      I'm not a computer expert (but know enough to build a system) so if this is hardware related I'm not sure where the problem is or where to start looking.  I'll take any suggestions.


      The reason I am now pretty sure it's a hardware problem is that I tried another capture program (besided PremierePro CS5) and I still get the dropped frames/artifacts.  Thanks.