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    Rendering large numbers of animated instances

    Bob Bobson III

      Hi, I was wondering if anyone here had any advice on rendering large numbers of identical animated instances.  The first step we undertook was to separate out the parts of the instance which are static and render flag them cache as bitmap.  However I was wondering if there was a way of rendering the same object multiple times without the player having to recalculate the animations separately for each etc?





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          skarthiks Level 2

          At this point in time, i think flash player would recalculate for each instance of the movie clip.

          The reason for this is that , each instance of the movie clip could have taken a different code path depending on the user action and the player cannot assume they would be the same.


          for example, say there is a red rectangle and a button which are grouped as a movieclip. There are four instances of the movieclip. The user chooses to click on the button on one of the instances (click of the button changes the color of the rectangle to green). Now though the instances are of the same movieclip the current condition is different.