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    DNG files created from Fujifilm FinePix E-900 .RAF raw files

    Peter T-650

      I'm having a problem in creating DNG files from my Fujifilm FinePix E-900 camera .RAF raw files on my Mac (Mac OS X 10.6.4).  The DNG files are recognized correctly in Adobe software (Photoshop CS4, Bridge, Lightroom 3) but not by any Apple software (including Aperture 3.0).


      I've used Adobe DNG Converter 6.1, Photoshop CS4, and Lightroom 3 to create these non-linear DNG files.  As a point of reference, I've used the same settings to create DNG files from Kodak .KDC raws files that Apple also doesn't support, but these DNG files (created from the .KDC raw files) show up just fine in Aperture 3.0.


      The one thing I find unusual about the .DNG files created from the Fujifilm FineFix E-900 .RAF raw files is that when I do a 'Get Info' on these files, the image dimensions of these .DNG files always shows up as 0 x 0.  (The image dimensions should be listed as 3488 x 2616.)


      So I'm wondering if there is something wrong (a bug maybe) on how these files are being converted to the DNG file format using Adobe DNG Converter 6.1, Photoshop CS4 or Lightroom 3 on a Mac.