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    Overlaying SWF Asset with layer components - Strange behaviors.


      Hi !

      I am brand new at Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst.

      I have been spending most of my time in Catalyst at first and realized later on that I needed some of the nice features inside of FlashBuilder.


      I created a few FlashBuilder components and brought them in Catalyst in order to speed up my designing requirements.


      After bringing in several SWF assets in Catalyst I stumlbed upon a few curious behavior.


      1. If I load SWF assets in a same page and if they are inter mixed with components layers issued either from Photoshop or made from within Catalyst, I am unable to select most of them.  Only and only if I move them away from the other components, I can actually select them. They also become available when I make a test run, which they weren't before, if they were close or under other layerrs,  but stll visible.


      2. Is there a reason why the names of the SWF are not visual at the layer level within Catalyst ?  All I see once the SWF are loaded is the terminology SWF Asset with the Skin name Wireframe.  This also seems to be creating a conflict in how the SWF components are selectable, since every time I select one of the SWF Asset, it is the one at the highest level in the layer stack that gets selected and not the one that I am attempting to select.


      3. I ran once into a problem which was related to Skin name convention where I was duplicating buttons that always kept the same Skin name, which made it impossible to re-use them, since any modification would affect all of the duplicated components.  Why can't Catalyst create new Skin names in order to avoid this behavior?



      I am pretty happy using Catalyst and Builder, but I gotta say that some of those behaviors are putting a dent in my schedule.


      Anyone would have a few words of advice ?   I am especially concerned with the "perceived" impossibiliy to use more than one SWF asset within Catalyst.



      Thank you.