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    Can I Export NTSC files as HD?

    Mike M Lynch Level 1

      (See title)


      I have files that were captured on an older NTSC digital recorder.


      I created a nice movie from the files and tried exporting as HD (Not sure which HD format.)  The program crashed, but it does that a lot, so I thought I'd get opinions from the folks here who might know better before spending more time waiting for rendering.


      BTW: It only takes a few minutes to render my (7 minute) short video in NTSC, in MPG or flash, but over an hour in AVI for the same material,

      But then it looked best in AVI too.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What are you trying to export the video for, Michael? Are you trying to create a BluRay disc or video for the web or what? Where do you plan to play this movie?


          There are a number of hi-def Share options. However, exporting, say, a WMV or MOV that you're going to post to the Web or even play on a computer at 1080p is not a good idea at all! Computers are usually not capable of playing that resolution, and most computers will play a hi-def WMV file, for instance, slowly or jerkily.

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            Mike M Lynch Level 1

            I'm tyrying to get highest quality videos that can be postable on the web.


            But I also want to know how to create the highest possible video for viewing on my computer


            And on DVD.


            I still don't own a HD TV nor a Blue-ray player, much less a recorder.


            So ultimately, I'm still trying to learn the capabilities & limitations of the program.

            "Is this program a Swiss army knife or a spork."

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Up-rezzing will very likely not yield what you are looking for. With SD material, if you up-rez to HD, you will be creating pixels, where none exist. The simple way to do this, though you will very likely NOT like the results, would be to create an HD Project, Import your SD Assets, and then either Scale to Frame, or use the fixed Effect>Motion>Scale. The same Scaling algorithms will be used. Remember - you are creating pixels, where none exist.


              There are also Scaling programs, like Red Giant's Magic InstantHD, that do a better (by many accounts) job of up-rezzing, than Scale in PrE, or PrPro. At least one version of InstantHD is available as a plug-in for PrPro CS3 and AfterEffects. Do not know if they have a stand-alone, and would also worry that the plug-in might not function in PrE. An e-mail to Red Giant should settle that part.


              There are probably some other such programs, but whether any will work in PrE, will require some research. I am pretty sure that some are available as stand-alones, but one should experiment with them, before purchasing them, as the results might not be what one wants.


              Remember - you are creating pixels, where none exist.


              I'd edit and then Export/Share to SD and be done with that.


              Good luck,



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Posting high-quality files to the internet always involves a certain amount of compromise. You need to balance the size and quality of the picture with the ability of anyone to stream the video fast enough to produce that picture. Post a 1920x1080 video -- or even a 1280x720 -- to the internet and you'll only succeed in producing a big, high quality video that nobody can watch.


                Try using the MOV output with an H.264 compression and a 640x360 frame size (assuming this is 16:9 video). Try loading that to your web site and see how it streams. You may also find that, even at that size, you'll have to reduce the bitstream or quality level to get decent streaming playback.


                BTW, this is all rather academic if you're planning to post to YouTube. No matter how high the quality is you post, they'll chew it up and spit it out at YouTube quality in order to optimize their bandwidth.

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                  Mike M Lynch Level 1

                  Thanks for the advice Steve & Bill.  I already discovered what YouTube does to the files. (Yuck!)

                  I have seen some nice full screen files on Vimeo but note they have limitations about content (specifically: no business use)


                  I could try loading onto my own site, but don't know all the coding I might need to display it on a web page - or if my site has enough storage or speed to deliver good quality videos.


                  Heck. I've only owned PRE for about a week.


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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    I think you're also a member at Muvipix.com.


                    They have a free Gallery page that you can upload your video files to for testing. I think the only limitation is that the file must be under 50 meg -- and you can make it private too, so only you and the people you invite can see the video.