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    Creating a new shape...

    Slowly26354 Level 1

      Sigh. Consarn it. This should be *basic*. WhyCannotIcreateAshape.JPG

      Here in Flash CS4 Explorer, I have shapes. It's intuitive that I be able to right-click on Scene1, and be able to Insert Shape. Can't. I go to the frame. Can't. I right-click everywhere. I see 'Create Shape', but everywhere I see it, it's grayed out - won't let me.


      How do I create new shapes in the graphics folder in the library of a flash cs4 project?


      Thanx for helping out a flash newbie (you will be credited in my FAQ),



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          skarthiks Level 2

          you can choose tool which you would like form the tools bar (Cntrl + F2) for e.g. Rectangle tool.

          Go to the stage.

          Draw a rectangle.

          Right click on the rectangle

          Now this is a shape

          Choose "Convert To Symbol"

          Give a Name e.g. "shape 20"

          And choose the type to "Graphic"

          Press "OK"

          And you are done creating the graphic in your movie.


          The reason why you would not be able to create a graphic on a scene is because, the graphic needs to be on a frame and on frame, it should  be made up of shapes.




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            Slowly26354 Level 1

            Sigh...no, that's not it. Here's the problem:  Shape Tweens only work on *vector* graphics. Not bitmapped graphics. So, if you want to create a shape tween that will dissolve one bitmapped graphic into another, you have to *convert* the bitmapped graphic to a vector graphic. Or, the Shape Tween menu item will always be grayed out. To do that, while the bitmapped graphic was selected, I Broke it Apart. Suddenly, I could apply Shape Tweens.