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    streaming channel connection sharing



      I have trade application which is showing different views. For almost every view I need real time data push from server pushing updates to prices and other details. I learnt from documentation of blazeDS that straming-amf channel with fallback plan to polling amf channel is way to go.

      This fallback required as max connection per session can be reached because of long lived http connection of streaming channel.

      However with mentioned application setup I will always hit this scenario because I have 3-4 views which will need real time push from server.

      I read some articles from other ajax based library. http://blog.icefaces.org/blojsom/blog/default/Steve%20Maryka/

      It allows to share single long lived http connection across different views, portlets.


      i)  Is it possible to use any similar technique/workaround in flex such that we can share single connection and still keep using streaming-channel for real time push ?

      ii) Read about a hack to use subdomains to overcome browser per session connection limit. How recommended is this approach ?

      iii) And provided there is no support/approach in flex for such cases then - how expensive is polling method for client ? Does it add extra overhead to client and server ?

      Any help appreciated.