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    Stuck on onRollOver / onRollOut Stuck


      Hi everyone,

      I've searched the net for a solution to this problem, but apparently I don't understand the issue.


      I have a movie which is serving as a button.  When you rollover the image, it grows, and stops.  When you rollOut, it shrinks, and stops.  This code works fine.

      The Problem:  When you scroll the mouse over quickly, the animation get stuck and doesn't execute the rollOut code.  This is most likely because the first rollOver action hasn't yet completed.


      Any ideas on how I could resolve this?


      Here's my code:



      thumb_test_4.onRollOver=function  () {



      thumb_test_4.onRollOut=function  () {





      Here's a link to the SWF. Here's a link to the .FLA file.



      Anyone have any ideas?  Help, please!!!