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    Photoshop CS5 to AE CS5

    Chucky Bland

      I promise....I have been looking at the FAQs, tutorials, etc before posting.


      I have a Photoshop 3d PSD file, http://www.BlandRanch.net/Files/Logo.psd


      I want to use it in After Effects. I can get it into the composition, but it is flat. It is RGB. I do import it as a composition.


      What am I missing? Did I create the file wrong in the first place?


      Indebted for your help.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Open the composition that was created, not the layer. AE sets it all up for you on import, but since it's quite an atrocious "hack", you must first open the auto-created comp and then copy&paste frome there to whatever place you may need, not add the layer like you would do with normal 2D data.



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            Chucky Bland Level 1

            I readily admit to being a rookie at this.......how can I make this less of a "hack"? I have the original 2D file in png and jpg format. I will be glad to know the better way to make it into a 3D image.


            In the mean time, I'll run with your comments.





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              Chucky Bland Level 1

              So I got the first file to work thanks to the reply I received. I moved on to my second file that was created differently from the first. It contains many layers.


              http://www.Blandranch.net/Files/SBC.psd      (26MB)


              I spent 8 hours today trying to figure out how to get this file to be 3d in After Effects. I could open the individiual layers and I *think* they were in 3d, but I could not get in the entire image to be 3d.


              I suspect this issues has entirely different roots from the first one. What am I screwing up on this?


              Going to bed for now.