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    editing published Webhelp files

    judsha Level 1

      I gave to our system administrator the published files for the WebHelp and he put them on the server. I have edited these files and published new ones. He told me if I change one of the files, I think the main html file or the opening html file, from the its name (e.g. <product>) to Index, all I will have to do is post all the published files on the server instead of having him do something special to the published files and then post them.

      Does anyone know which file he is talking about and can I just change its name? Should this be done before or after I publish the WebHelp? Will this work?

      Basically, I would like the ability to just put the new published WebHelp files directly on the server without having the system administrator have to do anything so that it works.

      Thanks in advance,