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    Converting a Flash file to video


      I've created short two and a half minute animation which needs to be converted to a video file.


      The animation contains various movie clips and run in conjunction with an overall audio backing track.


      It's my understanding that nested movie clips won't work when I export to video due to them having a timeline of their own however having a flash file with everything on the master time line would contain too many layers and frames to be manageable.


      Is there any way I can export my file to video (avi, mpeg etc) or do I need to get some third party software, in which case any advice on those?


      Thanks in advance.

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          selangov Level 1



          You can export your flash file to .mov. In Flash Professional CS4, You can do this by click on File menu > Export > Export Movie. Once your movie is exported to .mov, please open up Windows > Start  > All Programs > Adobe Media Encoder CS4 and add this .mov file. You can convert to mp4 video or On2, Sorenson flv codec videos.



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            Sunrider69 Level 1

            Thanks for the response, however I tried that route and unfortunately when I try and convert the file to a .mov it goes through most of the conversion process before declaring an unknown error has occurred.


            Most frustrating.


            Edit: Further investigation shows this to be a common problem. Trying a work around now . . . .


            Edit 2: Success!