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    FindChangeByList - yet more questions




      I'm busy customising the find/change by list script to try and automate some of the typesetting we're doing, but there's a few questions I wanted to ask before I spend a while trying to get things to work:


      1) Is it possible to find "anything but something"? eg: If we successfully imported a word document and successfully applied most of the paragraph styles to it (Heading A, Heading B, ...), is it then possible to find the other styles that were either generated by word, or applied wrongly, and just remove them? Or would that be a whole new script? (Or impossible...)


      2) Slightly unrelated, but if a large document is imported using section breaks to separate chapters so that footnotes/endnotes restart their numbering, is there any equivalent break in InDesign? I don't think so from what I've seen (apart from then going through and setting the page-based section breaks on those sections), but it's worth asking! We have a large number of endnotes in the books, and are trying to automate setting up actively linked cross references to them. So far, the easiest way of doing this seems to be to set them as footnotes in Word, and then use the footnotes to endnotes script to convert them all to cross-referenced endnotes. Could there be another way of doing this?




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