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    Adding files to external batch script....

    Iron_Mike Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have a very simple FW batch script which exports all .psd files to .jpg 85% quality.


      So far I have added these .psd files manually, but they are in hundreds of folders and I want to add and process them automatically via a batch script.


      I have the code for the processing (export with quality 85%) - I simply clicked on the "Save Script" button right before the batch process, but the javascript file does not contain a reference list of the files to process...


      I have the JS code to iterate through the folders and filter out the .psd files but where would I add them in the FW batch file ?


      To "theDocList" ? Is that an array ? How would I add a file ? add full path of the file ?


      As always, thanx for your help !!!


      - Mike