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    how to emit softkeys automatically without pressing ?

    rajalakshmi13 Community Member



      We have to do some automation application  in swf file.For example,


      we have a code like this


        var objLis:Object = New Object();

      objLis.onKeyDown = function()


        if(Key.getCode == ExtendedSoftKey1)








        Is there any other way to simulate the softkey automatically, without pressing LSK manullay.. ie.. we have to set code for softkeys, then it will be automatically run the swf file.


      Now our automation is


      if video swf file is open,It will automatically Press LSK , The Three options(pause, stop, looping off) Mobile context menu will open automatically, then it will automatically press the play option, then play that file, and will press the pause option then it will automatically pause the file, then it will automatically press the stop option, then it will automatically  stop the file,then  looping of the file. ie.. it will emits soft keys automatically, without clicking any softkeys by user. Is there any standard API in as2.0 or 2.1 to emits LSK or MSK or RSK automatically ? or is there any other way like using virtual keycodes ?


      Anyone knows please help me.