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    contentEditable not working as expected


      I was trying to make a rich text editor, but when I click and drag images, they seem to be removed from the DOM (they disappear). This is odd because if I view the same code on the Safari 5.0 browser, when you click and drag an image (or range of text) it moves the image or text. Furthermore selecting and moving ranges of text don't seem to work either.


      I thought the same webkit framework API for contentEditible was available on AIR as on the Safari browser.


      This kinda blows a hole in my plans because I wanted to make a cms and a rich text editor was kinda the cornerstone of the application. I suppose I could build one in Actionscript, but I'm just curious why it's behaving different (the contentEditable element).


      On a side note, I tried the same code in Titanium, and it seems to render it correct also (it uses webkit), so I don't know why its acting weird in AIR.