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    .Net Win forms Application

      Is it possible to have a stand alone Winforms .NET 2005 application, which can contain a flex control driven from an XML doc generated from the winforms app? Basically no IIS involvement on the client PC.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          If the windows app browser control supports FlashPlayer 9, this probably will work. Communication between the flex app and the win app might be problematic without a "browser" to support ExternalInterface calls. But maybe the windows browser control will do that.

          But maybe you are not talking about a browser control?

          Flex must run in the Flash Player, that is bottom line.

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            As far as getting the Flash Player to play in a Win Forms app., it isn't horrible. I've been able to get it to work both with a browser host (WebBrowserControl) and without (just use the Flash ActiveX control as the host)... In the latter case, I chose to aximp the activex control to produce a managed wrapper.

            ExternalInterface works fine in both scenarios... sort of. When you host the ActiveX control alone, the player can be difficult about security... but that can be overcome.

            If I'm reading your post correctly, though, it sounds more like you want to read in an MXML file and produce the Flash control (SWF) from within your WinForms app. That, I've never tried. Would be interesting. Seems like you'd have to invoke the flex compiler to produce the swf from the xml (MXML) and then load that (the swf) into the Flash Player... all at runtime. Sounds difficult.

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              ntsiii Level 3
              Yeah, tell us mor about what you want to do.