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    Spark Backwards Compatibility

    Sean Foster

      My root class is <s:WindowedApplication>


      Consider the following code in my WindowedApplication



      var lbl    :  Label = new Label();

      lbl.text = "SOME TEXT";



      This works fine, and the text displays correctly.

      In contrast, the following code does NOT display the text.


      var lbl    :  Label = new Label();

      lbl.text = "SOME TEXT";

      var UIComp : UIComponent = new UIComponent();




      It's as if having the spark label inside of a UIComponent is not triggering the approrpiate lifecycle methods.

      I thought these two SDKs were compatible with each other..?


      What is going on?

      Flex 4 SDK, Air 2.0 and Flash Player 10.1 on my end