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    RoboHelp 8 runs slow when using network drive...

    Robo_Newbie Level 1

      I have several users at my business that have upgraded from RoboHelp X5 to RoboHelp 8. They are reporting that when they work on projects which are housed on a network drive, RohoHelp performs very slowly (which never seemed to happen before with X5). I have read on several forums that RoboHelp should only be used with projects that are on the local drive, but I cannot find any official recommendation from Adobe about this, nor have I found any explanation as to why the network drive doesn't work well. Has Adobe every officially commented on this, and does anyone know why network drive performance is so lousy? Is there anything that can be done to allow my users to keep on utilizing their network drive without the poor performance? Thanks in advance for any help you folks can provide, I am stumped.