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    Captivate 5 - re-recording




      does anybody know where the re-recording freature is in Captivate 5?

      I can't find it.


      Thanks a lot.



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          I'm not 100% certain on this but I believe it may have not survived the trip into the wacky wonderful world that is Captivate 5.


          As I recall it only ever applied to recording while using Microsoft Internet Explorer. So it may have seen such a low usage as to warrant not including in version 5.


          Cheers... Rick


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            M_Anand Level 3

            HI Patrick,


            Adobe Captivate 5 does not have re-recording. However, we are evaluating re-recording for our future releases. It would be really helpful if you could elaborate on your requirement for re-recording. That would really help us.




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              macrofireball Level 3

              Hi Manish,


              From my POV in order for this to be worth considering in a future version you would really need to make sure it supports Firefox as well as IE 8 and above.


              In addition, we should also be able to re-record from any program not just a web-based application.


              Best regards,


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                Laventis Level 1

                Hi Manish,


                what a pity. I hoped for a really powerful re-recording option ;-)

                This function would be in two cases helpful for me.


                I produce a lot of tutorials for MS Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. Some steps are in all versions of Office the same. So it would be great, if Captivate could automatically click at exact the same positions and does the same keystrokes, which were made in a previous recording. The ability to rerecord drag and drop actions would be a highlight. At the German IT-Exhibition “Cebit” – I saw an eLearning-software called “Datango”, that covered these functionality despite of the drag and drop actions.


                Another field for using the rerecording function is the production of multilanguage eLearning content. Actually I have a customer, who needs tutorials for Office 2010 in the German, English, Russian and Spanish version. The rerecording as described would do a lot of the job.


                As I now know, that Captivate 5 can’t actually help me with that, I will look for an additional external tool that does the batch job.




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                  Laventis Level 1

                  I checked the external tool WinAutomation http://www.winautomation.com/ to rerecord some steps. It worked together with captivate without problems.

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                    M_Anand Level 3

                    Hi Patrick,


                    If you are really passionate about re-recording then please file an enhancement request